Color grading

and post production

My experience

I've been doing color correction and color grading on a daily basis for over 5 years.
I gained experience by coloring event videos and materials for small local companies, often fixing low-quality materials from clients. Currently, I mainly co-create looks for music videos and commercials for brands on the Polish market.

A happy commercial with a family story, a neat saturated image for companvideos, a saturated pop image for music video or a deep dark story stretching through the video. Each project is a new opportunity for me to transfer feelings to the viewer through color and contrast.

My tool is Davinci Resolve along with control panel. Conversions from Adobe Premiere pro and Final Cut are a daily routine for me.
On many occasions I have worked with RED camera footage (like everyday),
DJI Inspire RAW, Phantom SuperFlex4K, or Canon Raw and Sony Slog.

I love cranking out the footage so as to get the best out of it.

Music clips, commercials, videos that communicate feelings.

Each project and each artist is different. The final coloring is supposed to bring out the best in the image at the same time help the script.

Tutorials, training videos, corporate image mateirals.

Where information matters, image should inspire professionalism and trust. Bright muted colors or pure black? It depends.

Social media shorts.

Short forms on social media are fun. Dynamic editing that engages viewers? A few seconds of advertising? Each material deserves to be boosted with the right colors.

My portfolio